Ngu Phuc Duong is a leading prestigious brand in the field of health care in Vietnam market. Bearing the identity of traditional oriental medicine, Ngu Phuc Duong advocates to uphold the principle of radical treatment and comprehensive nourishment to achieve the ideal balance for the human body.

The products of Ngu Phuc Duong are based on a system of ancient remedies that have been clinically proven by the history of ethnic medicine for hundreds of years. Therefore, these products ensure 100% natural ingredients, keep the essence of medicinal herbs intact, have a deep and benign effect on the users’health. Ngu Phuc Duong has two main product groups as below:

  • Support treatment, which focuses on supporting the treatment of groups of diseases related to blood fat, stroke, COPD, pneumonia, digestive system diseases...
  • Health promotion, these products are the typical creations of Ngu Phuc Duong based on selections from the quintessential Vietnamese materials, which are considered almighty precious in the Vietnamese folk concept.

One of the differences that brings prestige to Ngu Phuc Duong is customer service. Through a system of exclusively owned stores, Ngu Phuc Duong directly introduces, advises, trades and is responsible for each product to consumers. Ngu Phuc Duong’s stores are located in large urban areas, with typical design  for traditional Vietnamese culture, becoming great places for customers to experience traditional medicine and culture. This is the result of our rigorous and proactive management process from research, production to business development.

With the spirit of Bao Than Lac Tam (Body Protection and Spiritual Well-being at Heart), which means, through health care (BAO THAN) to help people achieve happiness and peace (LAC TAM), Ngu Phuc Duong is trusted and chosen by a large number of customers who are diverse in terms of age, gender, pathology and usage needs.

Currently, Ngu Phuc Duong is headquartered at Ground floor, C4 Building, Giang Vo, Ba Dinh, Hanoi and is setting up a system of exclusive stores nationwide.

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